Novel Craft Secrets: 21st Century Techniques to Write Your First Novel (Course)

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Your first novel made simple

Unleash Your Story with Cutting-Edge Techniques

Writing a novel can be tough on your own. There are many moving parts and it's easy to let your motivation slip and quit before you finish.

That's why I created this course.

Are you ready to transform your writing process and bring your novel to life?

Welcome to Novel Writing Mastery, where traditional storytelling meets modern innovation.

I documented my novelwriting approach for writing a full supernatural horror novel. Now I'm making all my notes, videos, recordings, and blog posts public to help you write your first story.

What You'll Get:

- Real-Time Insights: Follow a novelist's journey from concept to completion

- Multimedia Learning: Access 20+ videos, 14+ audio recordings, and blog posts (OVER 11 HOURS OF MATERIAL!)

- Practical Techniques: Master contemporary tools and strategies for efficient writing! This includes revolutionary ways to use new tools (AI), or best practices for doing it old school (writing by hand).

- Comprehensive Guidance: Navigate plot development, character creation, and world-building

- Flexible Learning: Work at your own pace with our organized, easy-to-follow curriculum

- Follow familiar struggles: Be encouraged as I share notes on good days and bad days, writing through whatever life threw at me.

Why This Course?

✅ Developed from real-world experience

✅ Incorporates the latest writing technologies and methodologies

✅ Suitable for beginners and experienced writers alike

✅ Offers a unique blend of traditional craft and modern efficiency

Most novelists write with the door closed. That's not me!

I'm throwing open my process to show you the real of what it takes to produce a complete and sellable story.

I recorded my thoughts and progress AS I WROTE THIS STORY. So all accounts are first hand lessons of what it takes to get a good story out.

You won't find a course this comprehensive or informative online.

Your Instructor:

Keith Hayden is a novelist from San Antonio, Texas. He has written and published 14 books.

He served in the active duty U.S. Air Force as a Force Support Officer and Special Agent for eight years, before earning his secondary education teaching credential.

He taught high school Algebra before beginning his career as a writer and entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Hayden Academy Collective Studios. There he tells original stories through various media and educates others on how to share their stories with the world.

Course Topics:

  1. Outling
  2. Character creation
  3. Writing chapters with AI
  4. Creating a book cover
  5. Dictation + AI to 3x your writing
  6. Building a Writing Habit
  7. Scene construction
  8. Balanced plot progression (how to keep it moving)
  9. Character development
  10. AI co-writing technique
  11. How to direct AI to write high quality chapters
  12. Editing your drafts with AI
  13. How to think about pacing
  14. Plotting (or not) like Stephen King
  15. What makes good dialogue
  16. Ways to get inspiration
  17. How to write fight scenes
  18. Writing when you don't feel like it (or don't know what to write)

Ready to Write Your Best Novel?

Enroll now and join a community of forward-thinking writers. Your story deserves to be told – let's make it happen with modern flair!

(This course used to be called "How to write a Bestselling Novel with AI")

This is a developing course! I will and more to it as I continue the project.

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Novel Craft Secrets: 21st Century Techniques to Write Your First Novel (Course)

0 ratings
I want this!