Maldives Madness: English to Japanese Lingua Fiction Book

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Boost your Japanese proficiency and confidence with an epic sports drama set in an exotic locale!

Your choices matter as you follow two friends to a mysterious athletic competition to an elite Maldives resort.

This interactive choose-your-own story captures all the excitement of classic sports anime.

But it won't just entertain you - it'll greatly improve your Japanese ability too!

Power Up Your Vocabulary With "Language Bridge" Sections

The "Language Bridge" sections seamlessly reinforce the vocabulary you need for fluent conversation after every chapter.

You'll master key words and phrases with the fluidity of a Haikyuu!! character. Your reading will become smooth and natural.

Train Your Ear With Authentic Audio

Authentic audio recordings will prepare your ear for real Japanese. You'll understand spoken dialogue at natural speed in no time!

Reading is the best way to rapidly improve your ability to communicate with and access authentic Japanese media, culture, and relationships.

Get the Book Now to Start Leveling Up Your Japanese!

About the Author

My name is Keith Hayden.

I've lived in Okinawa, Japan for a total of 4 years. I deeply enjoy the Japanese language and culture. I'm also fascinated by stories and cultures of all kinds.

During a magnificent vacation to the Maldives in September 2023, I decided to begin writing this book.

Many of the scenarios and scenery in the story are based on my time at the resort (but the story is completely fictional).

Throughout my nearly 2 decades learning Japanese, reading has been one of the activities I've avoided the most.

If you've been learning Japanese for a little while, you know why.

It's HARD. And it takes a long time to read anything interesting without relying on English translations.

After years of putting it off (a few of those living and working in Japan) I decided I was done with not understanding Japanese.

2023 would be THE year I finally learned to read. So this year I've gone. in.

After hundreds of hours of grinding tools like WaniKani, The Kanji Study app, Pimsleur, and countless podcasts, I've moved closer to my goal, but I'm still not there yet, though I'm improving daily.

Why tell you this story?

I want you to know you're not alone in learning this language.

Like you I've been in the trenches with Japanese. It's a hard language that I've seen many people quit before reaching their goals with it.

Hell, I've quit at least 3 times over the years. It was too hard. I didn't have enough time etc. etc. (you know all the reasons/excuses).

But I came back, and now I'm beginning to see the result of all the time I've put into it. You can too.

While this book isn't "the only thing you need to learn Japanese" it is another strong step in your long journey to Japanese proficiency.

You stand to unlock lucrative jobs, unseen opportunities to connect with Japanese culture, deeper relationships and more with this potentially life-changing step.

Will you take it?

I want this!

The full English ebook + Japanese language bridge sections

English Audiobook Version (w/Japanese language bridges)
21 mp3 files telling the story with voice acting, custom soundtrack, and light sound design
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Maldives Madness: English to Japanese Lingua Fiction Book

0 ratings
I want this!